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Dangerous Obsession

ON MAJOR EDITING!! -I apologize in advance for my wrong grammars. English is NOT my first language. "what do you want for a man Ríona? Vaugn is too possessive.. that isn't love anymore you know.." this is what saphire always wanted to ask, she doesn't know if Ríona is just too innocent for love or she just love him so much.. "A man who love me that he can't even stand by looking to any other woman but me only. Its better for him to be obsessed with me than a man who can smile to any other woman, other than her woman's family and friends. And i only have you as my family and friend that's why i trust you that you won't betray me." with that, saphire can't say anything other than.. "You're crazy.." ------------------------ You're like a Rose, Ríona. Beautiful and Dangerous specially when not careful but if its you.. its more than enough and worth to keep.. Love. -Vaugn --------- I'm maybe naive in love but that doesn't mean i'm that stupid to not notice how i've become crazy by just not seeing you. -Vaugn ------------ Me: (speechless) What the-- why don't you say i'm too crazy for you Rìona? Isn't that easy?. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Thana_ra21 · Contemporary Romance
Not enough ratings