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honest guilt, wife don't doubt me

A simple story of love, daily life, dream and family. Yuyu, the pampered little girl from the White family had no choice but to cut ties to save her adoptive family from a clan trying to claim her for her special skills is business. Living alone, she focused on another dream, to be a chemist. When she found the ladder to her dream, it turned into a ladder of romance. Will she get back to the path of her dream or continue to fall in love? Ming YaoFeng who lost something important to him as a man has actually found the solution to his lost happiness. He has learned to manage everything from a sad childhood, but how about managing a wife with trust issues? -She hated the Ming clan, does it includes him? -------- I am writing part of the story everyday. Please do not copy, distribute, re-post anywhere without my consent. ------ Adult contents included. Please make sure you are above 18 and mature enough to understand that this is just a story specially on parts with matrimonial activities.

threadingmere ยท Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings