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The Requiem of an Emperor

Hector Atticus Seraphiel lived his life as an Emperor in one of the lower realms in the multi-verse, not knowing that he was half-divine. Unprecedentedly, things went awry when the Empress, Ilyavher la Trushen, initiated a ploy to destroy the world that he utterly cherished. He watched as the land that he built and the world that he conquered collapsed. In pursuit of answers and vengeance, he found himself embroiled in a plot far beyond his abilities as all of the realms and the myriads of Deities were no longer invulnerable. **~~**~~**~~**~~**~~**~~** Cover Art: YoungHan Kim [Dragon Knight] You can check him out here: https://gunpang.artstation.com/

mrmrcia ยท Fantasy