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Worlds of the Weave

In the year 2087, a few years after world war 3, also called the 3-day apocalypse, what remains of humanity lives in underground shelters far from the scorching hell and radioactive wasteland that is now the surface of the Earth. After the nuclear armageddon, all the remaining countries and corporations decided to pool their resources and expertise to create the Weave, an ever expending virtual network allowing humanity to, at least, live in the virtual space. Conflicts of interest over the eave management soon emerged. It was decided by a global referendum that states and corporations would abandon everything and that the weave would be managed by an independent AI: the Weaver. Alice and her friends were avid gamers before the war, playing every upcoming VRMMO with their guild: "Everlasting". They decided to meet up again to play "Worlds of the Weave": the first VRMMO entirely managed by the omnipotent AI. Five of them answered the call, follow their adventures as they evolve inside the game, the nature of the virtual world adding numerous new stakes compared to what our gamers were used to in more traditional games. Hello, this is the first time I write a story. I've never tried before outside of assignments I could get when I was in school. I've been reading way too many web novels pages and wanted to try to add my stone to the edifice. I can't be sure I'll keep writing for long or that my story will even be engaging, but I have already planned forward a bit. On the same note, I apologize in advance if my writing isn't as fluid or good as some better authors'. English isn't my native language, and as I said, first novel ;) (the narration style I chose not helping either). I'll try as best as possible to avoid mistakes and correct them if you point them out in the comments. For all these reasons and because I'm lucky enough to still be working in this difficult period, I also can't guarantee that I can write quickly enough to provide any sustained release plan. Also why the heck having a female lead makes it fantasy romance ? I'm ticking male lead to get into the right category. Their might be a bit of Romance, but it will certainly not be enough to put it into the Romance genre.

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