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A Word of Praise

A Word of Praise

Kiara sat at her small kitchen table literally bumping her head into the wood. Several times. Why the hell did she agree to spend four days in a fucking island with loaded snobs she knew nothing about? Of course, she didn’t know exactly what she signed up for before she accepted his offer, but she knew it came from the guy who sent her to fucking jail and said yes anyway. And based on what? A hunch. Something so intangible and arbitrary she would be unable to explain even to her dad, who was always a firm believer in following your gut. But she saw it, right there hiding behind his handsome stoic façade. He was… desperate. -- All Kiara has in life is her passion for art. Her career as a circus performer is a constant search for real attention, for people to see through the veil of plain entertainment. Chris Wright is the heir to one of the most profitable construction empires of the city, but to get to the top he needs the approval of his authoritarian father. Who knows what will happen when art meets business and passion meets duty?

Pixie_Auri · Contemporary Romance


Hilda is not the coolest girl. She's an orphan, lives with the ancient Mister Henry and practically has the most boring life in the universe. Then comes a letter of acceptance to Blackwood Academy for Girls; read as her life turns upside-down.

Alyssa_Lemmis · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings