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We Met Again

We Met Again

After six year both of them had chage. One had become more friendlier the other become more cold. What happen if fate put them together once again?Would the truth finally come out? Or would it still stay hiden? Her life change the moment the car crash. The only think she remembers from that day what the flashing lights of the cop cars. That day wonder if she did not get to go there would they still be alive? Was it her fault that her parents die? If she did not get to go there would they be alive? Those questions still haunt her till this day. She had change to family to family since she was young. Meting him again at the hospital was a surprise to her. Will they finally go back to before? Or both person gonna drift away by their past? Author note: This is my first time writing a novel so please tell me if there any mistake in a chapter or synopsis. Also English is not my first language, I had only speak it for about five years so there may be misspelled or miss punctuation. So please tell me if I had any mistake.

I_Love_Reading1992 · Contemporary Romance
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