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She Knew She Loved Him(Completed)

Note: Strong Parental Advisory It is no secret that love is an emotion that gets the heart beating. Whether it be rapidly, sometimes slowly, other times in a sweet rhythmic thump or even in a painful tone, we felt it all. We had an overall idea of what love was from watching many romance movies, to receiving love from family and friends. Yet still, we were enthralled at how some romance movies made our hearts pound for the characters sad, painful, and happy moments. We never once imagined we would get to experience this emotion. So strong, yet so passionate, love brought us together. With entwined bodies, lips locking, soul-mating, we hopelessly found love. This heart-pounding, sweet-sounding doom..doom..thump..thump that enveloped that small important and delicate muscle hiding behind our left breast; We found love. A love story of Zunnie Bai and Alexander Zi. How they found each other, fell in love and the people they had to overpower to be happy. [ The beautiful girl bit her lip as she reached her hand to rest them on his shoulders. Alex was hungry for her and sensing his man-hood erect all the way. He grabbed onto it and slid it inside her wetness. The girl moaned with pleasure, arched her back and bit her lip again. Just as he was about to thrust deeper into her, his alarm went off. Still groggy from his dream, he picked up his phone and hit the 'stop' button to his alarm. Under the sheets, his shaft stood erect and throbbing. "What in the actual hell was that dream all about?" He mumbled as he got up. ]

Pgimz · Contemporary Romance

Sweeter than Fiction

She considered herself as a broken shoe because of what happened to her when she was a little girl. Now, Liu Yang, a 25-year old woman and an author and editor of romantic novels, is facing an internal battle between that dark past. Will she ever find love like how she wrote about the female protagonists in her novels if she is afraid to fall in love because she thought that when people will discover her dark secret, they will despise and leave her? Niu Guan Ning, is a happy-go-lucky guy and loves to play around. Their family owns a famous bookstore in town where he met Liu Yang by chance and captures his eye. Will he also capture the girl’s heart?

bitterlouise · Romance

Our Bold Silhouette

There’s nothing more bizarre than a stranger’s lips to embrace yours…but for Kate and Dylan that wasn’t the case, where they choose to succumb to their bodily desires to ease up the pain they ended up from their past relationships. There’s nothing more fun than a torrid relationship like this… just sex… no commitments...

Saltyicecreame · Realistic Fiction
Not enough ratings

Unexpected Warmth

The sun blooms as red as blood, there was a couple named Allayna Dunia Jagiello and Vincentius Cade Eavenson. They were happily in love with each other that no one could ever tear them apart, until something tragic happened between them. Allayna blames herself and kept asking herself that where did it went wrong.

jacerries · Teen
Not enough ratings