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DROPPED: Marvels Strongest Father

DROPPED: Marvels Strongest Father

Dropped do not read!! (Slow Paced, Slice of life, Op Mc, Harem) A light-hearted novel to cheer up your hollow heart with its cute interactions, jokes, love and more. A parent's duty is simple but difficult. To be a parent you need to be patient, headstrong, fun, loving and able to one punch planets? What you didn't know well you do when thrown into the Marvel Universe. Disclaimer: I do not own the franchise nor do I own the franchise's characters. This purely for entertainment. • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • This kinda just for fun I don't have a plan just winning it this would be my second novel its a lot cleaner if I'm comparing it to my first one. By clean I mean plot development and grammar English wise I'm not bad its very average Pacing is naturally slow.

Flat_Moon · Anime & Comics
Comparison: A one-shot

Comparison: A one-shot

LoreleiSerenata · others
Not enough ratings