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Parent and child relationship

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The Journey Of Rin

Rin an orphan girl gets entangled when her crush saves her from an accident in which she was supposed to die . You may ask," How does she know that she was supposed to die" ? . Supposedly Angel of Death visits her in her dream and assures her that her time was supposed to end but didn't cause of an external factor. But even the Angel of Death doesn't know everything. Now as the year is ending and she is supposed to survive in this world she will know what ascension is. While trying to chase after her crush she will go through many things and meet different creatures, never seen by her before. A brand new experience for our Rin who will become the Queen of the Ascended World. Hi guys i am the author. I left my job to work on this. Lets get it . ¬Fight¬inG¬

ScaterSenbonzakura · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings

Daughter Of Lumberjack Is From The Most Hated Rase In The World

Ravan is a former knight who now works as a woodcutter. One day, Ravan meets a little girl from the forest who is running away from the wolf and Ravan saves the girl. That girl was an anonymous slave from the most hated race in the world. Because his warrior soul had not yet died out, Ravan took care of the girl and made her his own daughter. What kind of family life of a different race from this world of fantasy full of magic will continue, only time will tell.

monster_fiz · Fantasy
Not enough ratings