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The Trip To Lucifer's Lair.

ABOUT THE BOOK. The book is all about the goddess daughter who is called LILV. She is named after a tunnel where a man is held captive. His name is Lucifer, sun of the morning. He was cursed. He lives in that tunnel alongside his brother. He is the king of the down world. The goddess enacted a prophesy that he'll be saved by anyone with the name LILV. According to the prophesy both of them must be in love. Will he fall in Love with LILV Mongestein? We'd find out. Like I said, I'm Faithfulness Celestine. The author of this book. This book was based on my imagination. I love you guys always and forever. Follow me on twitter @ladyauroraNK01 Facebook. Celestine Faithfulness LA WhatsApp 08171213825. Gmail: faithfulnesscelestine@gmail.com. Comment. I'd love that. Started: July Ended: ENJOY.....

LadyAuroraNK01 ยท Teen
Not enough ratings