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Scary Night (Stuck In His World)

SCARY NIGHT ( Stuck in his world) By Aigbojie Jennifer( Authoress Sassyjen) Prologue The year 1668 The house was a mess, the glasses of the window shattered on the floor, a bottle of liquor broken on the floor, she could see a bloodstain on the floor, fear was in her eyes, she went further inside the house, seeing her sister lying dead on the floor in her pool of blood, she covered her mouth in shock, she cried out holding her sister, she discovered her sister was beaten and her lover came in stained with blood, " how dare you to kill my only sister, we are both from a different world but all I did was to love you with everything, I allowed you and your kind into my world, Juan you promised never to hurt my kind but what did you do, you broke the promise and killed her". She threw things at him out of anger and frustration with tears in her eyes, " Lina I can never hurt you and I never killed your sister, it wasn't me, there is a miss up somewhere", he said, She grew angrier, " then the blood on your shirt, you are a liar, as the queen of my kind, I want you and your kind to leave my world at once and never return, I forbid the humans having any connections with you, she brought out a silver cross. The year 1780 " Primus we need to go into hiding now, it's a trap set by the lycans, we have been deceived and our good has been paid with evil, we can't return to the human world, the door is shut and can never be opened" Primus and his kind went into hiding, it was like a dream. A few months later they created a boundary between them and the Lycans, stepping out of the boundary Is at your own risk. The year 1890 Primus had two sons from his different wives, they are both different from each other and never agreed. We found out their names soon. Now what happens when the son opened the door to the human World in 2018, this was his big secret, he comes there every time to see a girl he fell in love with at first sight but scared to talk to her. Unknown to Primus the Lycans are planning to attack again and end their race or make them a slave. Meet Amelia, a beautiful girl, everyone dreams girl but very stubborn. What happens when her parents warned her never to go to the cursed house again but she ignored and curious to go because of the demigod she falls in love with, she sees him there and decided to go with her friends, Halloween period was a perfect plan for her to go with her crew, she is desperate to find out everything about him. " I had a dream, that I was stuck in an unknown place I never knew existed, it was a scary night for me" What happens when the door of the other world was opened and shut, she got stuck with her friends in a strange place and unable to go back? The question is: Will they be able to return home alive? Do Amelia and the son of Primus stand a chance together to love? Can the Lycans ever be defeated? You must be wondering what Primus and Lycans means, let's find out as well The story is full of horror, love, romance, hatred, and betrayal.

SassyJen ยท Fantasy
Not enough ratings