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From A Princess To A Duchess To An Empress

Blaire was out on a cruise with her family for the first time. However, due to a certain circumstance, the moment she opened her eyes, she arrived in the world of novel as Victoria Nightingale, the Forgotten Princess in the Kristania Empire. Upon meeting the 2nd Male Lead of the novel, an idea crossed her mind. "If you agree to the contract, I will become your temporary wife and together, we will kill the Emperor!"

JustTheGirl23 · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings

The Weird Horror At Westwood Avenue

A middle aged woman with a taste for internet mysteries travels to visit his son while he's taking a break from college at Washington D.C. There she convices him to take a small trip with her to Baltimore to visit a house with a very bloody past and that it's told to be haunted. At first their visit is stalled by the fact the house has been closed off, but after they hatch a plan, they are able to go in. Then they realized that it's wasn't such a good idea to do so.

SamLuna87 · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings