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The Beasts of Men

Elijah Pride, is the first born son of the only Nobel beast-man lion clan. His family once ruled not only the country but the whole continent of Pangaea . Now after falling from so high have they began to regain some of there pride back they once knew. Elijah has been secluded his whole life so he's ignorant to the weight of his own existence and how much a threat it is. The generation he's apart of he is considered a genius but his would be adversaries might sniff him out before he realizes the King in himself. Everyone around you tells you your special till you go out into the world and realize your Genius is the standard. What do you do when the enemy is stronger faster and a lot more powerful ? Have a bigger imagination.

A_lucid_Dreamer · Fantasy
Not enough ratings

Death is not the end

Jacob end's up in hell and somehow manages to escape. Now he is in journey trough time to find salvation to his damned soul.

Xander_Song · Fantasy
Not enough ratings