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My ultimate ambition

My ultimate ambition

He wasn't a cold-hearted beast, he just loved one woman who was a childhood sweetheart. Empress seat doesn't appeal to him if she's not the one and he swore to make her one. She went for revenge but found out it's been all a misunderstanding. The bastard that seemingly betrayed her was actually the emperor. From grass to grace; from a measly palace physician to a royal concubine, will her ambition stop there? WARNING:This is a slow paced romantic novel. The female lead's scene will be much more highlighted from the second volume as the supporting characters would have their scenes played out early. If you are not one with great patience then this story is not for you. Thanks for dropping by and happy reading. GENRES: ROMANCE, FICTION, DRAMA, HISTORICAL, TRAGICOMEDY.

Grace_sunshine · Romance
Past Promises

Past Promises

She was a Queen and he was a King but why he's the only one got reincarnated while she became a ghost? King: "They say you want the throne and I shall kill you for treason, do you have any reasons for me to spare you?" Queen: "My dear, you are not only my husband but a King to this nation. I will not resent you, please do whatever you think is the best for this nation."

Rozee · History
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