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The Sunkissed Prince, The Moonkissed Princess and the Love between

The Sunkissed Prince, The Moonkissed Princess and the Love between

DISCLAIMER!!!! DO NOT READ IF UNDERAGE!!! I WILL POST ADULT SCENES, I AM HEREBY DISCLAIMING THAT ANY AND ALL UNDERAGE WHO DISREGARD THIS MESSAGE IS AT THEIR OWN RISK. I AM AT NO WAY RESPONSIBLE FOR THE ACTIONS OF OTHERS. THANK YOU!!!! You may now proceed to the Summary. ___________________________________________ One day a young Prince, son of the Chief, of the tribe of SunDawn, goes with a band of warriors on a treaty mission to the tribe of Moonblessed. Upon arriving he meets the Princess, Priestess in Training of the Moon Goddess, and desires to be her best friend forever. he is enraptured by her differences. The Day the SunDawn Prince arrived was only hours after her initiation. But being as both were still children, she was just as interested in him as a playmate and friend. Both are gifted a Sacred Talent, only they yet to discover it. What they don't know: The Moon Goddess made a bet with the Sun God. If by the time they are 25 and have married each other, The Moon Goddess would agree to be the Sun God's Consort. But if by that time, the two did not, the Moon Goddess would not. ____________________________________________ Merry Meet Y'all Dear Readers. This fantasy will be unusual and full of unexpected twists. My Release times won't be regular and I apologise in advance. I run a shop so writing is a total hobby! My inspiration is random but credit is do to my friends, adorable pets, and my Lovers. Blessed Be and safe Days!!! Hope you Enjoy it, Sincerely Nenet Wolf Bastetti

SunshineBean ยท Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings