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American Beauty Tale of Gypsies

From the Shadow of the Valley, comes a spin off from the characters Selene and Roku. This tale dives into the culture of werewolves. A tale that started back in a place further from home. A boy she remembers yet also forgets. Three years after returning to America, Selene finally finishes out her years as a college student, gearing up to graduate in her final and fourth year to complete a Bachelors in Art Sciences. She’s set to graduate in three months in the state of Washington. The streets are quiet in her home neighborhood, but the city nights are always busy. Everything was going fine. She had her father’s support, she was living in an apartment down in a city forty miles from Seattle and she drew quietly at home and went to school by day. She didn’t even have to work so long as she had good grades, her father would pay her way. Then an unusual quiet night on campus sparked her curiosity. As the college closed up for the close of the quarter, she noticed them wandering the grounds. Four figures were hunched over at the fountain, one of them laughing loudly. She didn’t usually pay any mind till she caught the reflection of one of their eyes, casting a yellow gaze back at her that shook her. A familiar look she couldn’t place. She drew in closer, her voice timid to call out to them. Why did he come to mind? What happened to him after she was shot? She hardly could recall. Her mind was fuzzy with questions, but she began to notice more now that the group was either looming closer to her or she was drawing herself closer to them. When she got to them, the realization of what she did finally came to mind. This wasn’t the type of can of worms she should have opened. Why couldn’t she just remember to stay away?!

Diana_H_Forst · Sci-fi Romance
Not enough ratings