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[Ist Novel] OXYGEN: ออกซิเจน

A Non-commercial English translation of OXYGEN novel written by Chesshire, which has been adapted into an upcoming Thai Bl series, "Oxygen The series" directed by Jane Pongpisit Bottasri to be released in 2020. This work was published NOT for any commercial use and NOT to gain any profit. This is just a translated version for non-Thai speakers and for myself. I just want to quench my thrust from the series. However, I'm not Thai and not a Thai native speaker. I'm just a human who is learning the language by myself. Therefore, the grammar may not be 100% perfect, but I'm trying my best to translate it as accurate as possible. _____________ One was born without parents, earning money for himself, just a smile accompany him as his friend. While the other one...has everything but without a smile. One night, they meet each other in a small coffee shop, with warm milk and warm smile again and again continuing night by night. Before they realize it, they have become each other's breath. Become an indispensable thing like Oxygen. This is a love story between a 4th-year student of Engineering Faculty, Gui Jirayu who worked at a small cafe with a freshman of Music Faculty, Solo Siwarokin who always comes to have warm milk every night, otherwise, he won't be able to sleep. "Guitar is my happiness." - Solo "So is everything to P." - Gui

HARU · Realistic Fiction
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