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Transmigrated into the Ducal Family’s Good for Nothing Heir

Xu Lianyi, a highly successful CEO and pro-gamer was transmigrated into the useless, too soft to even kill a fly son of the Grand Duke, Xu Baiyi. Realizing he’d die with a 99.5% guarantee if he doesn’t steer this cannon fodder into the right direction, he sets about changing his destiny. Crown Prince: Marry me, my love, I can give you the Empire. Black-bellied Duke: Love me back, Precious, I can give you a hundred tourist planets. Deranged stalker: Look at me, my White Moonlight, I can give you a good pounding. Xu Lianyi/Baiyi: Um, chile, anyways so! Forgotten Female Protagonist: (Erkang hand) What about me! Sly, money hoarder, financially smart but socially inept, doesn’t always know what’s going on MC x SECRET!gong

XU_KLAUDE · Sci-fi
Not enough ratings