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Perfect Skills: Chronicles of the Paragon

Max Wefner was just an ordinary boy living solely by himself. His life was full of complete ordinariness, from everything he does to everything he eats and possess. But due to an unforeseen event, the people of Earth were forcefully brought to another place. He was brought along them and was left in a complete new world that is filled with cruelty and schemes. In the end, Max was killed by the tricks of his so-called 'friends'. He thought that it was the end. He thought that he will have no chance to redeem himself. But he was wrong. As that was only the beginning... ... the beginning of his rise to become the Supreme Paragon.

UnknownPasserby · Fantasy
Not enough ratings

The Daily Life of a Psychic

ご不便おかけしてすみません A boy was suddenly given a variety of overpowered abilities. With the ability to conquer the world, realm, or the whole cosmos, he decided to live life to the fullest. Encountering interesting individuals, experiencing thrilling adventures, and destined to meet with trouble wherever he went. Just how will this boy cope up with all of these things happening as he adapts with his overpowered growing powers? --- The update will be random/three times a week. A story inspired by 'The Disastrous Life of Saiki K' so there will be similarities in some cases but this will be an entirely different story. Be sure to watch the 'The Disastrous Life of Saiki K' not because it is needed to understand my story but just because I am recommending it. Anyways, please support the story and spread it if you like it so others can also admire my great creation. Bwahahaha~ (Me being overly proud of my creation. Please don't hate me.) Tags: >Comedy (I'll try) >Fantasy >Adventure >Action >Arrogant Characters >Underestimated Protagonist >Overpowered Protagonist >Harem?(Still thinking but this is so overly used already so maybe I'll avoid it. It depends on your(the reader's) opinions.), >Add your own tags~

aRandomPinkie · Fantasy
Not enough ratings

Reaper of The Nine Worlds

A Lonely Cultivator, a being forsaken by the Creator. A Broken Soul Without a Soul. A mortal without a Destiny, not bound by Fate or Karma. The perfect Entity, a being who cultivates body, soul, and mind to perfection. With the power to transcend Samsara, see through the illusions of Reality, shatter space with a palm and reverse time with a glance. So join us as we unearth the Secrets of God and travel through the Omniverse like a Wanderer without a path.

Reaper_Souls · Fantasy
Not enough ratings