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The Kindergartener Aiko Nishimura

(The cover is a place holder.) Aiko Nishimura is 7 years old who possesses god-like shape shifting abilities that change her physical strength and appearance, she is a girl that can go against a god, but once the little girls mother has been killed she decides to do nothing but be sad but a random boy that he met changed her life and how she see things. After a few moments of things going wrong and good at the same time she decided to join an organization where humans fight off bad alienated creatures who plan to take mother earth as their new territory with some wanting to kill off humanity once and for all. But those who have control of their power have decided to gather up and kill their own kind in sake for humanity and their lives. Would they survive the cruel and unfair world? Would Humanity win? Or will Aliens succeed in making mankind extinct?

TionOfficial ยท Magical Realism
Not enough ratings