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I Hate Everything

Authors note : Read the story from the beginning it will end with an amazing twist. Takeru is a student in 12th grade. He never smiles, never talks to anyone. One day he decided to end his regretful life by committing Suicide. But after committing Suicide he finds himself in a world where power is everything. He unlocks the ultimate skill Death Zone.Whoever gets inside this zone dies instantly. He starts going from town to town beating up people black and blue who messes with him. Still, the pain of his previous life never fades, by different incidents, he remembers how powerless he was in his previous life. So with his new found power he decides to die as the most powerful person in that world no matter what happens. #Disclaimer: I do not own the pictures I used for making the cover. Help me win WSA guys.

Mister_noface ยท Fantasy