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The Game of the Endless Abyss

The Abyss was a universe born from the conglomeration of hundreds of Worlds, Planes, and Realms. It was a massive land filled with great wonder and mystery, and it was all Ruled by a single person. The Great Lord. He was a fair ruler, however, he was a loner, insistent on fighting every battle and solving every issue himself, for that was his creed. To face everything the world threw at him and rise above it, by himself, and without any assistance, or die trying. As a result of that, he had few friends and far too many enemies. When his enemies joined hands to take him on with billions of powerful soldiers, he had no army, just the sword in his hand, the armor on his back, and the same strength that had brought him so far. They fought for 12 days. Three times The Great Lord stood his ground, and three times the enemy army was forced to retreat. But on the fourth battle, the Lord, tired and bloody, breathed his last. His enemies split the land amongst themselves, his few allies fled to far corners of the Abyss. The Abyss fell into a dark age. But not all was lost. Before the war began, the Lord knew he would lose, that the odds were stacked to insurmountably against him, but his personal creed demanded he faces them head-on. Better to die by your oath than live as a coward. But he refused to allow the same fate befall his family. And so he passed on all his riches to his four young children and hid them away in a separate Universe along with a set of instructions. This is the story of those four young children and their path to follow their father's will and attain vengeance. A path that started in a small studio on Earth. (Inspired by but not copied from the 'The Boss Behind the Game')

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