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Love Twist: Twins in love

Nabby James is a sweet girl who is loved by everyone around her, she always smile and laugh with everyone, she is fearless in the sense that she doesn't allow anyone step on her and her confidence is on the top roll but her life changes when she got a scholarship to study at a prestigious university, because of the school golden boy Jayden Liam who at first made her life a living hell as he always tries to step on her but later fell in love with her and forced her into being in a relationship with him, and they dated for four years but in those four years Nabby as been praying for a chance to run away from him and fortunately her prayers was answered as she ran away from him immediately after she wrote her final year examination, to a far away place where he would not be able to find her even with all his assets. But then fate has a way of playing tricks on us as after a year, while Nabby was in shopping mall, she bumped into a man who looks exactly like Jayden Liam the man keep staring and smiling at her as he helps her arrang her bags that are scattered on the floor and handed them over to her, forget about the bags, Nabby was scared to death that she didn't even remember her bags she immediately stood up and ran away from him like she has seen a ghost, living him with the paper bags that's filled with ladies wears... the man:"...." "why is she running I don't think I have met her before or is she..." he said to himself. read this novel to see how two identical brothers precisely twin fell in love with one woman and none wants to let go of her, read to know how this matter is being resolve and to know why Nabby is scared of Jayden Liam... A/N: for those of you who are not comfortable with reading novels that are based on sexual harassment and abuses, this novel is not for you, it is better you skip it than to drop bad reviews thank you. I am the originator of this book although this is my first novel I'm publishing on webnovel, this is not my first novel. I'll be updating two chapters a day please cheer me up with your votes, reviews and ratings... GOOD LUCK WITH READING THIS NOVEL❤

Lex_Mine · Contemporary Romance
Not enough ratings