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Having Her as My Waifu, WHO NEEDS A HAREM?!

Synopsis: "What's wrong with the Protagonist in stories with crossing-over story trope?! It's like they are losing their brain cells in their upper head that forces them to think with their lower head instead! Tch, this is why men are looked down upon... because they cannot think without using their lower dick when they write a story? Don't joke around, damn it! "What's the need for harem?! Many women and a single woman are no different! In the end, their pussies are at the same place with the same structure! What's important is love between the couple! A man can't love many women equally, it's bullshit! Bullshit, I say! Then there are those protagonists who outright raped any pretty women he meets! They are nothing but scum! Trash! "If I got transferred, transmigrated, or reincarnated to another world, I will stick with only one devoted wife and swear I am going to love her with all my heart and will be always faithful to her! I'm going to spend my entire life being lovey-dovey with her till even the most shameless stupid couple will puke honey and vomit sugar then die from diabetes! Humph!" Such was the rant of Jason Vinson, the protagonist of this story. He was single and virgin, and a self-proclaimed, stubborn feminist who believed in monogamy and the concept of loving and sharing happiness and misery with only one wife. Therefore, he wanted to find his true soulmate and didn't want to try dating flighty girls in his college. However——— He wasn't in his room anymore when he woke up. Furthermore——— *Ting~♪* [Congratulation! Host has been randomly chosen to be the Successor of System's Creator.] [System has successfully and safely fused into Host's Soul, Body, Karma, Samsara, Fate, and Destiny.] [Host has been sent into a random Imaginary World until Host is strong enough to go to Boundless Immortal Realm.] [System commences scanning the entire universe... Scanning in progress... Scanning completed. Location and time have been established. Host is currently in an alley of XXX Street, Fuyuki City, Japan. Time: Saturday, 1/1/2000 - 00:01 Japan's Time Zone.] *THUD!* ...Thus, Jason Vinson's new life begins! ★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★ • Copyright Disclaimer: Other than the Type-Moon's materials (Volume 1) and Caster/Medea, everything is mine! • Update Schedule: At least, 1 chapter/week! • Length: 750~1500 word count/chapter ★ Support ★ If you enjoy this story, please consider supporting what I do. 1) Patreon.com/CommonNEET 2) Ko-fi.com/commonneet 3) Paypal.me/commonneet THANK YOU FOR READING!

Common_NEET · Eastern Fantasy