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The Wolf King’s Pact of True Love

A mysterious tale of the wolves circulated in the city. However, Luo Yuosheng, who was obsessed with revenge had no idea—her superior who had a bizarre temper and had long since had his eyes on her, was one of the powerful cursed wolves of legends. Forced into enslavement, she could only ask His Majesty, the King of Wolves to aid her revenge. “Let’s make a pact.” The handsome man smiled alluringly, seducing her to betray her own freedom. She needed power, while he needed to break a curse. Hence, a deal to each their own began. There was no telling whose heart would first budge in this forbidden, unclear relationship between woman and wolf. It was too late for Luo Yuesheng when she realized that she had fallen for the trap he weaved with sentiment. Beside her ear came the King of Wolf’s hoarse, loving whisper, “Baby, there is only one key to unlock this curse—your true love for me.”

September Salmon · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings

The Top Female Star was an Ancient Courtesan

"A courtesan of old, Zhu Jin possessed unparalleled beauty. Her poems and songs would tug at the strings of any person’s heart, and her mastery of every art enslaved countless men beneath her feet. Even so, she abruptly found herself reincarnated into a woman positioned at the bottom of the modern entertainment industry, suffering every possible contempt and conspiracy, as well as being targeted by weaponized netizens. After she weathered through her career crises after much difficulty, Zhu Jin did not imagine that the chairman whose company possessed top-tier resources had set his eyes on her. Overpaid film roles, trending spots in search engines—she couldn’t escape from him whatever she did. “Are you trying to exploit me again, chairman?” She held him back by the chest, but he was slowly closing in. The man chuckled. “Are you reaping benefits from me without paying me back?” On the next day, the behind-the-scenes story of the star chairman confessing his love spread like wildfire throughout the Internet. This is a tale of an ancient courtesan transmigrating to a modern city and prospering, as well as gaining true love."

Pomelo Returning Fish · Contemporary Romance
Not enough ratings