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The Hidden God In An Office.

Eron Varesh Kane has faced adversity and injustice throughout his life. Only being able to fend for himself by doing questionable things in the streets. After his rough upbringing, he finally settled down and married his best friend and creating a family with her and 2 kids. But fate had other plans killing Eron and his wife in a car accident forcing him into a mysterious realm where he learns he has had the potential to be an unrivaled existence in the universe. After many years trapped he comes back to Earth only to find his kids are already in there early teens and people keep messing with his life and kids This a story of a man that can rival gods who only wants a normal life with his broken family and protect them from the loud famous world of supers. what will he do? Well of course become an office worker. ------------------ I'm an inexperienced writer and only want to try to put out my story. if I make some mistakes please tell me. Also if something doesn't make to much sense just comment and I'll try to fix it or explain. ----------------- I won't have a posting schedule I'll just write and post when I can and want. My job makes it to were I won't be able to post in certain time frames but I can write it and post later

DumboOctopi · Martial Arts
Not enough ratings