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Outcast Of The System

Owen is 16 and joining a school that helps train their students' abilities so they can a powerhouse for the system of Society. Also please note this is my first novel.

DarkerOcean87 · Fantasy
Not enough ratings

Life of the Outcasted

Ryan's life isn't what you'd call "luxurious", that word isn't even part of his vocabulary. In a world full of magic, dungeons and monsters, where rules of physics take no place, Ryan is the only one that, for an unknown reason, has no magic at all. For him, life is unfair and cruel. He has always been the one to suffer most and he wants it all to end. The thing is, he doesn't know that his life is about to take a drastic change that he wouldn't have expected in his short years of life. ___________________________________________________________ It will be a long and adventuring start, talking about what has happened to Ryan and how his life has gone up to his current moment. The game elements, romance, outcast, it will all happen after the start and developing of the story. There is going to be a lot of overshadowing (is that how it's called?) in this series to explain how things work, the countries, continents, etc and to prepare you for the main plot. I am sure you will enjoy this novel, although the grammar is a bit simple, I try my hardest.

Galaxxy · Fantasy
Not enough ratings