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Home of Dreams

People dreams dream and sometimes we don't want our dreams to stop. Sammy, an orphan who is living herself off with stealing and scheming found herself in a house in the middle of the city. Some may say its haunted for it gives a vibe feeling of creepiness but also sometimes of luxury. When woke up from her dream, she could not comprehend how those dreams are so real. Join her as she discover that dreams to come in unexpected way and finds herself a family and abundance that would change her world.

rainbow_me · Fantasy
Not enough ratings

Rose Blood

In the year 2330, many would think that mankind would be thriving. They would have new, better technology that would do their tasks for them. They would have longer, healthier lives, but that’s not what happened. Their world changed when we attacked them. When we stole their planet and made it our new home. 

Icy_Hott24 · Teen
Not enough ratings