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La leyenda de Grindelwald-HIATUS-

Una persona renace en el mundo de Harry potter, High shool dxd y Percy Jackson y solo tiene un objetivo volverse el mas fuerte del mundo. no soy dueño de la portada ni de ninguno de los personajes de la historia excepto mis oc.

Ledif · Derivados de obras
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A place of Fnaf theories and logic! Have your own theories? let me know and I'll post'em here!! I'll also be posting my theories about Fnaf too and I'll be using different theorist opinons aswell! And I'll only take credit for my views and theories only, I'll add your name if you contribute your theories here!! and remember to Vote, comment and rate!!

nightmareBonnie20 · Video Games
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CreepyPasta Story : Writer Psychosis's Diary

This is a story from 'Dream Diary' of young man who is [Ultimate Macaulay]; Jasper C. Maker. AKA "Writer Psychosis". at complex the stories, it still his dreams.

Kachamon_dekde · others
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