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Let It Happen

My life has been hell since I was a child. My stepparents gave me a man who never loved me even though he longed for his company. He abandoned me for his mistress who was the legitimate daughter of the family that raised me. They both sent me to prison where I was tortured to death. Luckily I escaped but I was betrayed again on more than one occasion. My destiny was death. Without love, without trust, only the cold snow around me condemned me. My only wish was to be able to live far from everyone, alone and without risk of being killed. When I woke up, I was in the body of the Marquis's daughter, who would have a worse future than mine. I can only run away and avoid being killed.

Kanguritox · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings

From Gamer Zero to Otherworldly Hero

A young man gets pulled from his universe as it’s getting destroyed to go to a mirror one only for there to be a error for him. Now he’s getting sent to one that’s vastly different and was given a few helpful things so he does not get killed easily.

Vonscott_Bair · Fantasy
Not enough ratings