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A Brighter World With You

Athena and Izuku came form different worlds with different views of those with Quirks. An incident caused the two to meet in Izuku's world and from their story begins. Athena a person prone to misfortune and difficult situations meets the one person who can save her, her true mate in a world where Sub gender or second genders are paramount to the continuation of society, where she soon realised that being the sub gender she is can comes at a cost to the person she loves. This is a re-written version of my other work called A Brighter world for us. I felt that my writing styled changed so much that I needed to re write the story. An Unusual Omegaverse that is rated mature.

Frecklescat13 · Anime & Comics
Not enough ratings

The place of dead roads.

Jupiter was named after the king of ancient gods, as if greatness was expected of him but anyone expecting that would be greatly disappointed. He was just a run of the mill teenage, he was reckless and adventurous. He was set for life thanks to his parents and it showed, he is a typical unappreciative child who doesn't understand how the real world operates. But then all of a sudden his world is flipped upside down and nothing is what it seems. His parents have gone missing and it is up to him to find them but in order to do so he must find his family who he has long since alienated. An thanks to the unexplainable appearance of a dangerous creature, he now questions not only the world he lives in but his very sanity as well. Will he be able to find the truth or will he just be another pawn in the grand scheme that is about to unfold. ....... Just a heads up I am not a perfect writer and I am just trying this out. I will make numerous errors, so please try to ignore them. And I will be accidentally jumping back and forth between past and present tense while writing, so for you English scholars out there please do not crucify me. ......... This is not fan fiction, I accidentally put it as that and have no idea how to change it.

MellyK9 · others
Not enough ratings