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Sternritter Calendar (ATG fanfic)

([[I apologize in advance for any racial / LGBT / etc... slur, term or slang that I will use in this novel. They will be used because I am a great fan of dark humor.]]) [Warning: The "Foundation" volume will be really similar to the original, from then and beyond, everything wil start to change] "Kill me..." Everything started with that thought... A man that lost everything... Being unable to see... Being unable to smell... Being unable to taste... Being unable to speak... Being unable to hear... Being unable to move... Being unable to feel... He will find in a situation that could only be seen as a "Dream". He will get back everything he lost, and even more! Like a cockroach, he escaped certain death, and doing so, he will take revenge to the Heaven for stealing everything from him... ...By becoming Heaven itself... Watch him as he plays with Destiny with the "Almighty" How he knows everything with "Knowledge" How he comes back to life with "Miracles" How he will play with people's lives with "Zombie" And much more...

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