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The Originals Untold

Esther and Dahlia grew up during the Viking era. During a village war Esther and Dahlia were captured. While Dahlia was slaving away to keep herself alive Esther was falling in love with a Viking soldier. After they marry Esther got the family she always wanted. However, getting her life came with a price. Was it worth it?

Babygirl0108 · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings

Marked Heir

Almost two decades after the end of Let the Rain Fall, Citali and Wyntair are two kids living in Friil (a land of the far past, home of the Sign of Water), living normal lives until they discover there's more to their past than they could ever have imagined. They must leave their home to set out on an adventure during which they will discover their true origins and restore order to their homeland.

MdashN · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings

Unknown | Origins | Book 1

A boy who woke up with no memories and no clue what going on in the world. All he knows is that he gets stronger by killing and he must save humanity from the terrible creature who are constantly evolving and adapting to every situation till there only a few humans left.

Legendary_Editor · Fantasy
Not enough ratings