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Alpha's little girl

Anna Ross was killed on the 22nd May in the year 1619. 4001 years later, she is finally reincarnated, yet the world isnt the same. Beasts in the forms of humans roam the world she use to call home, and Anna soon finds out she isnt necessarily human either. what happens when the people's ruthless alpha/ruler that they all fear comes looking for a wife to carry his childeren..... and what will Anna, a ordinary cafè worker, do when she catches his blood red eyes... Hello! I would just like to point out that this is my own story. I had the idea to make this so if this is like any other story on here then i am super sorry! ive actually only just got this app and havent had the chance to read anything on it so i dont know if there is. If there is however, please tell me. I will happily make some changes to the bits that are similar! Thank you for choosing this to read. Its an honor. ⚠This book is prpbably not going to be updated daily as im slow at writing and sometimes loose interest. I normally finish one chapter in about 3-6 days. Maybe more. please dont expect daily updates ⚠

ImSoFeckinTired69 · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings