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Blue Lagoon: When Gods Collide AU [BL]

Svane Grímsson hasn't exactly had the easiest life. To survive, he steals, lies, and cheats his way to his next meal and a place to lay his head at night. Finally having enough, he decides to find a rich vulnerable target during Mardi Gras weekend to solve all his problems. He thinks he's lucked out upon finding an old man at his favorite bar one night. Brontes Nicolau, a centuries old vampire, has come to his wits end; he's wasting away and in desperate need of a new meal. One that will be at his beck and call. His desperation drives him to a bar one night on the prowl for anybody that could fit his needs, and manages to hit the jackpot. However, neither man gets quite what they expected! Will Svane be able to sign his free will away for the exchange of the security he's always wanted? Will Brontes be able to overcome his centuries old ways for the sake of his survival? [Sequel— Blue Lagoon:Tidings of Tinsel] [Kinktober AU of my OCs from When Gods Collide] Art by: @xx_rintarou_xx Edited by: Pseu

Riza_Masuyuma · Fantasy
Not enough ratings