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During what everyone believed to be the last battle, the one who would end all others, Duncan Endrik fought one on one against the Outsider, whenever their swords met each other, sparks would fly into the ceiling and the floor trembled with their power. But the outsider knew he was bound to fail, his dark and corrupted eyes could already see past the fog that tried to hide the future, he could see his death, his ending. But he wouldn't give up so easily, he was also a Caller, and he was willing to call upon that power to end everything not only for him but for Duncan as well. So he did it, he tapped into the void and brought it outside making Duncan frown and fasten his pace, he couldn't allow this demon that calls himself a god to use the calling, it could be his demise if he failed. What he didn't expect though was that the Outsider only used one word, chaos. When the calling began, Duncan's sword managed to finally pierce his heart and bring an end to his vile existence, but it was too late, the armies that clashed outside the tower could only stare at the ball of light that engulfed it. When it disappeared there was nothing there besides a giant hole at the base of the mountain. The Outsider was dead, but Duncan's fate was a mystery that no one could've predicted. ------------------------------- I don't own My Hero Academia. I don't own the cover, and I don't know who is the owner. Number of words per chapter: 1000 - 2000 Chapters per week: 4 - 7 If you see any grammar mistakes, please tell me and I'll fix it. [PAUSED] I'm having some problems with last chapters, and I need some time to reorganize my thoughts.

DreamSeeker_Lord · Anime & Comics
Not enough ratings

Lightning Dragon Zeus Newgate - One Piece

Dropped. This was fun, but will be focusing on my Original for now. Sorry about that.

ThePR7 · Anime & Comics
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