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Lovable universe

[System: Ding! Master has successfully reincarnated] ‘I-... what?’ - - - Our little Liz died! She had lived a misfortunate life. She got kicked out of the house at age 15. The only supporter she had left was her goldfish, Bella. (Bella died a tragic death: overeating) After dying, Elizabeth finds herself in this never ending ‘space’! Then suddenly... [System: Ding! Master has gotten the title: Creator] .. .. Our little protagonist has been blessed by the god of Space! [AN:] *warning* The cover is not owned by me. I just started writing for fun. I’m still an immature writer, so don’t have too high expectations. Feel free to point out any misspellings, or sentences that makes to sense what so ever. +English is also not my native language Credits to FlowerOfEternity +check out his novel I Reincarnated As The Universe ゚。・゚ヾ(゚`ェ´゚)ノ。゚・。 Hope you enjoy my work

amylarie9 · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings

Absolute Character Creation

Bagaimana Jadinya jika seorang Pria dapat membuat Karakter mereka sendiri di kehidupan nyata ? Arlan di muncul di dunia Fantasi dengan kemampuan yang tidak biasa Yaitu Absolute Character Creation. Apakah dia akan dapat menjalani kehidupan yang menyenangkan di dunia dan bisa melakukan tugasnya atau dia akan mati di dunia Fantasy yang jauh lebih berbahaya daripada yang pernah dia bayangkan. -

DKNM · Fantasi
Not enough ratings