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Imperfectly Perfect For Eachother

Two different personalities, Two different persons, complete opposite of each other. They both have only common thing is their love for their god and their priority is their parents, except that they are completely opposite poles. When these two opposite poles will meet will they attract towards each other? If yes will their attraction last for long due to different thinking and personality? This is all game of destiny when they two get married while for one it is arranged marriage we can’t say the same for the another one!what will happen when the problems of life will strike upon them! Will they be able to solve their problems together or they will pull apart? Follow the Journey of Zaroon and Dr.Zehra who will face laughter, sadness, tears, love, misunderstandings all together. Will their love will be greater then their opposite personalities and thinking?

fazu_Mansuri · Contemporary Romance
Not enough ratings

Buds & Blossoms (book 1 in fighting 4 U trilogy)

Kiera Shelley, and Nicholas Telsa complete opposites brought together by one thing, there art. Maybe more than one thing. Kiera finds herself in a less then favorable situation. Once the news is out will Cole step up, putting his budding career on hold or will the tabloids spin run the drama.

Ferrets_in_scarves · Contemporary Romance
Not enough ratings