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The Grumpy Guy And I

The Grumpy Guy And I

To hopelessly fall in love with your best friend is one of the most cliché things in the world. For Ally, it was one of the biggest mistakes that she had done in her life. No matter how hard she tried to forget her feelings for Gino, her wayward heart had a mind of its own. Her best friend was already in love with someone else. Only, Ghia's parents were against their relationship. They had been trying to keep them apart. Ally was supposed to rejoice because fate was on her side. But Gino and Ghia were together against the world. She found out later on the two had eloped! Suddenly, Ally became problematic. Because Gael, Ghia’s handsome but grumpy brother, had no plans of letting her get away to live in peace. He will do everything to find Gino and Ghia. He believed she knew Gino and Ghia’s whereabouts all along. Ally had no choice. She and Gael set on a search to find the two wherever they may be hiding. She will do that for her love for Gino. But as the days went by, it seemed like her heart began screaming a different name. It’s not ‘Gino’ anymore. It sounds like ‘Gael’ already.

slightstories · Contemporary Romance
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