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Infinity- draco malfoy

~infinity~ Ophelia Potter is the famous Half blooded Harry Potters sister. One day they both have this giant bust down there door and say there going to Hogwarts. Little did they know, when they go there, their life changes forever. Harry meets this wonderful pure blooded red head named Ginevra Weasley. Ophelia meets this strangely, unopened pureblooded blondie named Draco Malfoy. Harry, Hermione, and Ophelia go on adventures together where in this story Ron Weasley is placed in Slytherin and befriends Draco Malfoy witch is how he and Ophelia meet. Ophelia gets placed in Gryffindor along with her brother. While Ron is in Slytherin he meets this girl...Arita Malfoy..Draco Malfoys sister and falls helplessly in love with her. •this story follows the events that happened in the movies but not the books as I have not read the books as well as I have the memory of a walnut hah...but I will use events they just won't be the exact events in the movies. ll rights reserved to JK Rowling the created of all the characters and spells used in this story. The only characters I own are Ophelia and Arita Malfoy.• ~hope you enjoy~

Uh_malfoyz1 · Fantasy Romance
Not enough ratings

Pesan dari hati

Tidak semua orang bisa mengungkapkan apa yang dia rasa secara terang terangan. Terkadang ada beberapa orang yang mengungkapkan sesuatu dengan perilaku dan sikap yang di tunjukkan. Peka terhadap sekitar, peka terhadap sesama dan peka terhadap diri sendiri di perlukan dalam hidup. Itulah yang di rasakan Raihan dan Lia. Mereka berdua sama-sama tidak ada yang berani mengungkapkan sesuatu yang mereka rasakan.

Ima_nrl · Romansa Anak Muda
Not enough ratings