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A Rich Man's Lover

This is a story about an open-relationship between an unwilling prostitute and a married man. He was in an open marriage, but she's not the wife. To be one of the many partners of a man committed to another woman was her role. She wanted to hide her feelings that were starting to grow, her longing to be by his side, and lastly herself, by virtue of an open relationship. However, it was all for naught. When everything came to light, she desired to end the relationship they had. Her last words echoed through his mind as she bid him farewell through her mournful eyes. "If only I hadn't met you, I wouldn't be hurting this badly."

mrmrcia · Contemporary Romance

Her Daddy

This Novel is about an 18 year old girl named Toyaha kaizu going through out life, well...not some ordinary plain girl. She’s a unique girl with beautiful features, Golden eyes, silver hair and the body of a beautiful curvy Goddess. She really didn’t have a good childhood life... it was taken away from her ever since she was born.. Nothing was clear in her foggy head.. Ever since that incident when she was 6...That ruined her pure eyes... As an 18 year old she doesn’t really work instead she changes that. Well for Toyaha she has her |-Sugar Daddy-| named Matsuo Arakida, He’s a 23 year old guy who would give anything to Toyaha only there not really together. ....In return for herself.. How did she meet Matsuo was it out of the bloom? What’s her life style living alone or does she have someone else there?Find out the the chapters that are coming out. See all of the obstacles she goes through and deals life as she goes on...This is one of my first creations, on writing a novel and many more to come in the future! I hope you enjoy this novel and I would love to hear your thoughts on what you think! ;)

Ideal_Beauty · Contemporary Romance
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