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For My Dearests~

"Stay down!" Seeing Xia Jiannan staring cluelessly at her, Wang Rouxi could only sigh helplessly before pulling him down with her. This CEO of Xia Corporation would actually not think of his own safety, and would sneak out of his house without bringing with him some bodyguards. Didn't he know that his life was in danger? To prevent him from doing something stupid, Wang Rouxi decisively straddled Jiannan's lower half to restrict his movements before leaning her upper body forward. Because of her actions, Xia Jiannan's face became closer to Wang Rouxi's. Their foreheads and noses were already touching at this point... Their lips were only a few centimeters apart... Just then, a series of loud and sharp metallic explosive noises could be heard, followed by the sound of some things breaking. Bang! Bang! Bang! After registering what was that sound, Xia Jiannan was stunned at his realization. "Aren't those gunshots?" "En. So you better behave and stay down." Wang Rouxi felt that he was much more difficult to handle than those work documents piling up in her office. * * * After a fateful encounter, the CEO of Xia Corporation, Xia Jiannan, thought that Wang Rouxi was just a normal employee working under the Wang Empire Estates. Little did he know that the person he had mistaken to be a driver-bodyguard was actually the rightful heiress of the largest empire in the whole China. "I'll be your bodyguard. You cannot say no." ~ Disclaimer ~ Cover art belongs to the respective owner. MCHB discord server invite link: https://discord.gg/eneVtC9 Discord: Wenruqiren#8138

WriterWen · Contemporary Romance

Undying Life; Past and Present

Brought to this magic world by the god of chaos who take her as his disciple for fun, she learned about the various dimensions and worlds that exist in the universe. She took him as her master and was grateful to him for taking her away from her hell of her previous world and started to trust him,something that she would never have done before. She stayed with him for a long,long time while also occasionally visiting some of the world he governed along with other gods, thus developing special feelings for him and the world he governed. Unexpectedly, a day before she graduate from being his disciple as her power and knowledge become nearly equal to high level gods like him. She was brought deep down into despair when the world she grown attached to was brought to hell and her closest friends that she made while staying with the man was given the ultimate pain and suffering by the man she took as her master. "Why...Why?! Why did you do this...?" The girl asked the man while gritting her teeth in anger with tears rolling down her cheeks. She should have never trusted this twisted man. "Why?"The man laughed when hearing her question. "What do you mean why? From the start, everything was a game and you were only my toy to relieve my boredom. Thankfully, you did not dissapoint." The girl's heart froze as various emotions can be seen inside the girl's eyes as it settled into a deathly calm and emotionless, chilling cold gaze. From that day, she dissapeared from the man she once trusted's sight and avoid him as he hunted for her while she start her new life in various different dimensions and worlds. She became the person she was like in her original world before she met them. Follow her as she slowly change and travel to other worlds along with her new found friends and family. __________________________________ Short snippet: "What are you guys doing?" "Huh? What do you mean? We were trying to fish some info from them, just... we're having a quick rest. Wait till he finish cooking first...then we'll continue....."drools..,mumbles, 'smells so delicious...' "Sorry, sis. I, uh... tried to stop them but.. its not a big problem, right? Since they're not really our enemies anyway" "Right! We're not enemies~ Little Raven, I missed you~!" "Yeah, you never come visit anymore" "What do you mean visit. I'm not--" "Hey guys, dinner's ready, come help" "Wait a minute, i didn't say you can--" "Just give up, Raven." "Sigh... This was not in my plan...Goddammit" _______________________________ PS: I'm a beginner so pls lay low on the critism..I also might not be able to update chapter on time

SilentRain · Fantasy Romance
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