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Hold My Hand, Don't Let Me Go

Hold My Hand, Don't Let Me Go

Samantha woke up in the body of the cruel antagonist from the famous novel she was reading, 'Call My Name and I Won't Let Go'. Samantha Zhou, who happens to have the same name as hers is a spoiled and rotten brat who was engaged to the main lead, Jonathan, but selfishly left to pursue her dreams in New York. When Samantha returned to China and found out that Jonathan has a new beau, she did everything in her power to force the man to marry her. This made everyone who reads the novel despise her and call her names, but this Samantha had a cruel ending and now is the current Samantha's future. At first, she wasn't so scared of the ending of the original Samantha. In her defense, she can always just change into a good person and everything would be settled. Let the main lead and female lead have their happy ending, go back to New York and then live the life of luxuries and fame that the original Samantha had. She thought her worry-free life can be fixed and lived that easily, but oh boy was she so wrong. Everything went downhill when Samantha realized that she can control all of the original Samantha's everything, except for her... emotions. __________________________________________ Unloved Series: #01

starandsugar · Contemporary Romance
The popular guy and the average girl

The popular guy and the average girl

scenarios of me and my crush

Sonia_Louriyam · Realistic Fiction
Not enough ratings