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Traversing World's with Jin Mori's Strength

( I don't own the other character's or the worlds that the MC travels to except himself, and other OC's ) Follow Jin Katsuo, a battle-obsessed boy, as he travels to many different places all for a good fight. Using his favourite Martial Art's he's seen through his favourite web-toon. ( I try to do 2 chapters a day, if I can't due to a reason I'll make one that is long

PoorKarma · Anime & Comics

In one punch man with cheats

What would you do if one day you died and given a chance to be transmigrated in another world with cheats

WhiteRoseAngel · others
Not enough ratings

Reincarnated In OPM world

An otaku that went outside to buy new opm chapter gets kissed by truck-kun and gets 2 wishes. What will he wish for

Antsborn · Anime & Comics
Not enough ratings