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Chaos Breathing in MHA

Our main character ‘Kaito’ reborn in the world of my hero academia after his sudden death, as a present from the immortal deity, our protagonist was given insight into the laws of chaos in the form of a breathin style, the origin of the universe is within our protagonists hands, each as he ascends and rules the multiverse!! Main character isn’t a hero or a villain, he simply does anything he want to wether it’s right or wrong. ..... I run a meme page on Instagram: @zexirth following would be appreciated. I am very busy daily so there might be some days I forget to write. Next world is one piece!!!!! Any anime or anime characters named in this fan fiction are not owned by me!!

Zexirth · Anime & Comics

One Piece: Red Ghost

A young man, who lived through life and could never truly fit in with others reached the end of his journey, and gets reincarnated into a world where even if you don’t seek violence, it’ll come knocking at your door. Whether he will cause great changes or let events unfold how they are set out to be, even he himself, isn’t sure yet. -SI -Slight AU(I will take liberty with the timeline a bit so if events don’t match, that will be why. So if your looking for a ff where the timeline is exactly how it was in the anime or manga, this is not it bud.) -I’m doing this for fun, so update schedule will be weird. And I have school. -not a professional writer, so do expect mistakes. -Cover photo doesn’t belong to me, neither does one piece

Gang_Capone · Anime & Comics

a saiyan in the anime verse with psychic powers

a saiyan gets sucked into a portal and trough that portal was the dragon ball universe,he was then reincarnated .

Weeb_Ultima · Anime & Comics
Not enough ratings