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Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint Fan-fictions

I will be making Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint Fan-fictions. Updates will be irregular. I also have school to consider about, so it might take a while. Here are some of my ideas, I’m probably going to do each one in separate volumes for now and then put them into separate webnovels later. Or I might just directly put them in separate webnovels. Anyways, your all welcome to check out some of my other works too! DISCLAIMER: Cover image is not mine, I found it on Pinterest and edited it. The author of Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint is Sing-Shong. (Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint made me so emotional! And I’m sorry but as a full fledge fujoshi...I live for Dokja x Jonghyuk...so I’m probably going to apply that ship to most, if not all, of my fanfics. If you do not appreciate this, please don’t read. I don’t want anyone to read something they are uncomfortable with...) [World-line Traveling] A protagonist(Yoo Jonghyuk) and reader(Kim Dokja) decided to try world-line traveling.  A writer(Han Sooyoung) had also wanted to come with them, but she was too busy, so she will follow them at a later time.  (A 'Most Ancient Dream' is not needed to maintain the worlds because of plot purposes) ********** [Indifferent Reader] A more younger Kim Dokjai, but also more indifferent.  "Ways of Survival/Three Ways to Survive in a Ruined World" have entertained him for 7 years, starting from when he was 12 to until he was 19.  (The novel is the same as the one in the canon, with 3,000+ chapters, but I changed 10 years Dokja spent reading into 7 years cause why not).  Dokja enjoys reading the novel, due to its excitements and details, but he has mixed feelings about the protagonist.  This Dokja is just basically a younger and slightly more indifferent version of the original Dokja.  (Don't worry, this Dokja won't have a indifferent heart for long, having companions can pay a huge role in one's personality!) ********** [Another Reader] Kim Dokjai has read "Ways of Survival/Three Ways to Survive in a Ruined World" for 7 years. He had started reading it when he was 12, and now, only he remained as the only reader of this long 3,000+ chapters novel. The mysterious epilogue frustrated him, but then, something happened. The author had sent him a copy of the novel and some revisions. What was even more bizarre is that a being called Fourth Wall introduce itself to him. An year after that day, the scenarios begin. This Dokja would be similar to the Dokja in 'Indifferent Reader'. The characters' ages here are the same as the ages in 'Indifferent Reader'. More AU/fan-fiction ideas and details in auxiliary chapter, Author’s Note.

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Need No one Else but me

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