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My Alpha Girlfriend (Omegaverse)

Long ago, there existed two genders.. male and female but the differences between outward appearances soon began to decline and humans began to be categorized in three main classifications; Alpha, beta and omega. The alphas being at the top have the highest standing in society and the omegas stand at the lowest. The omegas experience cyclic heats which have long been discriminated against until suppressants came into existence. However, the discrimination still isn't completely nonexistent. Alphas are still preferred over betas and omegas based on their dominant pheromones. Omegas are still looked down upon being the minority class. The fact that omegas experience a cyclic heat which may result in tragic events and violation of the omega is still blamed upon the omega. Especially because omegas have a higher rate of pregnancy despite being man or a woman, they are often maltreated. However sometimes omegas are treated as a special class as well, especially since they are capable of forming a very unique bond of pheromones with an alpha. Such pairs are known as fated pairs. An alpha that has formed a bond with an omega often tends to be possessive and caring towards that omega. This bond is formed with a bite at the nape of the omega's neck. This is also the reason some omegas wear chokers to prevent forming an unwanted bond. Moreover the bite also allows the omega to suppress their heat. In such a world of the upper class alphas, the common class beta and the lower class omega; both men and women are capable of being pregnant...

Yue080 · LGBT+
Not enough ratings

When Alpha created Omega

Future alpha Iven of Rustic pack is Slowly losing her patience and mental stability while desperately looking for her mate. Determined to over come anyone and everyone's judgement of her, She knows deep down that her place is at the head of the pack. With a strong mate at her side to help lead she has no doubt with time she will succeed. Proud of her strong female status she's just sure her mate will be able to handle all she has to give. Many trials and heart ache may come before she learns to love who the moon goddess decided to bless her with.

NoahSky · Fantasy Romance

Wild Bunny Chase

The omega Arkyu is acting like a leader of the popular gang ‘White Heirs’ that is until his Body guard Alikya begins to grow feelings for the smaller male.

Matty_Lair · LGBT+
Not enough ratings


Being a stripper at age 9 was a big change for Fern. He survived all the hardships with his close friend Colton.All these years he never knew he would find his mate at all. Besides who wants a stripper as their mate any way?If it was an omega he would be ok but an alpha . He knew he didn't stand a chance. Ash has been alpha since age 14. Her park members have been asking about her mate for a long time. In order to maintain her position she needs her mate.She finds her mate eventually but it turns out he is a stripper. How is this going to work? Even if they are mates would her pack accept him?

Getrude_Ayitey_6842 · Fantasy
Not enough ratings