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His Beautiful Mother in Law

[18+] A dirty sweet romance between a highest-end young man with his beautiful and lovely mother in law. A sin and forbidden affair of mature woman with the man she should not love. [ DROPPED WITH ENDING ] . . . "That's sure look delicious." His deep and manly voice praised. "Thank you." Her enticing lips curved, an enchanting smile lined perfectly on her beautiful face as she looked at the food. A chuckle escaped his lips and his his picturesque eyebrows could not help but raise in amusement, his pearl-like dark eyes looking at her innocent smile. His perfectly structured lips quirked into a fine smile, it was his signature smile that never fails in making women sexually uncomfortable in their panties. "I mean sure the food look delicious but." He paused to have her beautiful diamond-like blue eyes look at him. "You're far more delicious." He stated as he parted his lips to lick his lips sensuously. His insanely handsome face flashing an alluring and boyish grin as his charming eyes blinded her eyes. Her ears down to her neck turned crimson instantly as an instant pink blush graced her statuesque, beautiful face. "Y-You shameless!" She shouted, pretending to be an angry lioness, yet the way she looks like is more like a shy little kitten. He huffed a laugh, amused. He placed an arm on each side of her, circling her against the dining table. "Delicious." He smacked his sexy lips. "and, Tasty." He breathed. His warm breath kissing her cheek, crawling into her skin, sending ticklish up to her spine. "Mm, the food are getting cold." She muttered meekly, trying to resist his irresistible devil temptation. How can a mere word of hers manage to convey so much temptation he had no idea, but fuck her sweet voice gave him the chills down between his legs driving him insane. His feverish, ravenous eyes looking at her. He kept flaunting his overflowing sex appeal to the delicious woman before him. She is like a warm cheese, his passionate and smoldering gaze melting her, into him. "Let's eat." Her sweet voice whispered. "You mean." He leaned back to have a better look at her bewitching and blushing face. "Eat you?" He teased, in alluring and inviting tone. "or, Eat me?" He gleamed his delicious smile, offered himself as if he is the most delicious delicacy. Clutching her skirt tightly she bit down her pink lip in flush as she could feel her bottom lips began to get wet, moist. "B-But.." Her eyes met his passionate eyes shyly. "I'm your mother in law." She bashfully reminded. . . . Tags: [ Amorous Male Lead ] [ Beautiful Female Leads ] [ Sweet Story ] [ Polyamorous Romance ] [ Realism ] [ Incestuous Relationship ] [ R-18 ] . . . My other books : Her Young Amorous Husband My Wife's Mother Is My Lover

BlaccLotus · Contemporary Romance

Prince Charmer

Jessica Miller is 42 years old. She is freshly divorced and was left with nothing after her separation from her ex-husband. She begins her new interior designing firm for her living. She comes across Leandro Ricci, who is 29 years old and is the CEO of his father's construction company. When she walks into his office for the first time, he knew that he would have more than just contracts of work to offer to her. She is reluctant and he is persistent about the things he wants give to her. Read the story to know about their journey.

Nite_Lucent · Contemporary Romance
Not enough ratings

The Celebrity and His Ordinary Girlfriend

Dating a superstar isn't easy, and thirty-eight-year-old Star's and twenty-eight-old Jun Kai's relationship isn't any different. As they encounter struggles, will they pull through? Love-Dovey couple. Lots of dog food. Loving Male Lead. Lots of Smut.

thexxxxfairy · Contemporary Romance
Not enough ratings