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A Favorite Student | Favorite Series

Alina had always been a teacher's pet in all schools she went to -- when she gets too comfortable with a teacher - it leads to obsession, stalking, and her left to discover murder scenes. -- As a pretty nerd in all school, she's been in, Alina has always been praised for this and bullied at the same time. She is always on top of her work no matter the circumstances. Ryan, the handsome English teacher that every girl is fond of, but never he is fond of them -- takes interest in Alina. Now, he must have her at all costs. Content and trigger warning; This story contains graphic descriptions, forced romance, stalking, underaged things, obsession, killing, and more. Please be aware of this before you read. ----- (BOOK HAS 230K READS ON OTHER PLATFORMS!)

Kiki_The_Reader · Teen
Not enough ratings

His Girl

Niomi Wisdom is a 19yr old woman who moves from her home in Texas to LA where she falls for a Mafia! Warning: Will contain Abuse, Rape, Self-harm You have been warned

Hopey_Smith · Teen
Not enough ratings