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Hooked Within 3 Seconds: Please Accept My Heart

Jiang Yingyue was the top model of China, the untouchable flower. However, due to a scandal, it changed her life from a queen to a slut. Tired of living, she decides to take her own life only for her to wake up again in her 20 year old body. With a new life to restart, Jiang Yingyue has decided to redo everything and seek revenge on those that ruined her. ----------------------------------------- "Ah!" Jiang Yingyue exclaimed as she felt Li Zhixin grab her waist. "CEO Li, just what do you think you're doing?" Jiang Yingyue asked. He looked at her and responded, "3 seconds, that's all it took for me to be hooked onto you."

merousagi · Contemporary Romance

Love & Consents: The Forbidden Series 1

Unang nagtagpo ang landas ni Ali at Julia sa lamay ng ina ng huli. His identity was mysterious, kahit ang mga kamag-anak niyang nasa loob ng punerarya ay hindi alam ang totoong kaugnayan ng lalaki sa pumanaw na babae. Ang huling habilin ng ina sa sulat na ginawa bago ito namaalam ay iiwan siya sa pangangalaga nito at dahil walang ibang gustong kumupkop sa kanya kaya nauwi siya sa kustodiya ni Ali. Comfortable was an understatement, Julia grew up showered with so much affection from Ali, not to mention the affluent life she's having. She could never ask for anything else. Ngunit naguguluhan ang puso niya dahil sa araw-araw na pagsasama nila nito ay tila mas lumalalim at nagiging kakaiba ang nararamdaman niya para dito. Kahit sa mura niyang pag-iisip ay alam niya na hindi lang typical na pagmamahal sa magulang iyon. Paano niya haharapin ang pilit umuusbong na pag-ibig? Lalo at sa mata nito, sila ay mag-ama.

AuraRued · Realistic Fiction
Not enough ratings

Summer Thrill

She wanted to chase the thrill until she ran into trouble.

xxlissamaexx · Teen
Not enough ratings

The Other Side With You

Queen: "Mom and dad used to love each other. My brother is still in love with his wayward ex-fiancée. My neighbor loves her dog more than she does her jealous bully of a son. I mean, what's all this fuss about love when sometimes, it just isn't enough?" Gregory: "If there is anything I learned from my mother, it's that only patience gets you good results. I've mastered the art of waiting...but of course, she had to come along and try me." Harold: "Only one thing I want could compare with the longing and love I feel for her - her freedom. I need her to be happy, even when she should forget every memory she's had of me." Annie: "Forgetting him has never crossed my mind, just as unloving him never once crossed my heart. Now I only wait for the day when he and I would be together again. Patiently." • • • • • A girl who lost faith in love a long time ago. A guy who vowed to never lose his self-control again lest he lost himself, again. A woman who will never, ever forget the excrutiating pain of losing the only man she ever truly loved. And a man who lost everything when, for some reason he can remember no longer, he died. One way or another, they all lost something in their life and it turned them into the kind of person they are now. But a secret accidentally uncovered will put everything they believe in to the test. The past will come back to haunt them. And everything that happens thereafter will either restore their faith in love, or break it permanently. ~~~~~ A/N: Heyyy! This is my first story here in Webnovel! Please leave feedback, y'all! That would be really awesome! :)))))

Vela_Mari_Asher · Romance
Not enough ratings

The Awakening of The Old Dragon

Life is unfair. Sometimes, we hear this phrase and we ignore it. It’s one of the truths of our world, and it’s unnecessary to think much about it. We are reminded of it when we see the rich strolling on the streets, with their jewels, their gold, their guards. When the powerful smashes the weak. When someone suddenly dies because of an illness. When a beggar gets mistreated and kicked back in the dark corner he slithered from, to ask a few coins to survive another day. Long Jing was such a beggar. For him life really had been unfair. But he never despaired. After the storm always comes the sun. There is always a second chance. Surrounded by all side with darkness and filth, he would never waver, for in his eyes there is the light of an unbreakable hope and in his veins flows the blood of the Dragons.

Antony_Black · Eastern Fantasy
Not enough ratings